Summer Camp Work in Canada

Welcome to Camps Canada, where you will be able to fulfill some of your dreams at once: travel through and discover many of the beauties and wonders Canada has to offer, work in a fun, intense and joyful atmosphere, be in direct contact with nature in the Canadian wilderness and meet cool people from all over the world. We offer mainly 4 different type of placements according to each program’s nature and the required responsibilities and skills needed for each. Camp Counselor in Canada – Program Area Coach – Support Staff – Outdoor Educational Center Specialist. No matter which type of placement, you will end up going through a great learning process and will gain lots of experience mentoring children and youth, leading projects and activities, organizing, communicating and problem solving. If you come from a non-english speaking country and you are interested in practicing & improving your english fluency and confidence in speaking it, there is nothing like getting completely immersed into a fun and relax atmosphere such as at camp. Without a doubt, your cultural baggage and soft skills will boost and reinforce your character. No matter if you have little experience so far, as you will receive detailed orientation and you will get prepared with an intense training that will get you tuned up and all set for a magnificent summer work experience in Canada.

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Work at Canadian Summer Camps

All you need to know

Due to the immigration restrictions from the Canadian Government, we are only allowed to process applications and offer placements to individuals who are from one of the countries listed as follows:

  • Andorra, Australia, Austria
  • Belgium, Bulgaria
  • Croatia, Chile, Cyprus, Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland, France
  • Greece, Germany
  • Hungary
  • Iceland, Ireland, Italy
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg
  • Malta, Mexico, Monaco
  • Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway
  • Poland, Portugal
  • San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia
  • Switzerland, Spain, Sweden,
  • United States of America & United Kingdom

If you do not hold a passport from any of these listed countries, please refrain from applying as there is nothing we can do to help you obtain a Summer Work placement in Canada.

For our Summer Placement programs, you will need:

  • To be available to attend training during the last week of June.
  • To be available to stay in Canada and perform at a Summer Camp for at least eight weeks (July & August).
  • To be at least 19 years old by July 1st, and maximum 29 years old.
  • To obtain a Working Holiday Permit.
  • Present a Non criminal record check.
  • To present a passport from one of the listed countries.
  • To present a medical report certifying you are in good physical shape and mentaly stable.
  • To be mentally stable and have endurance to perform continously for many hours during a 2 month period of time.
  • To be able to speak english fluently.

The main characteristics that we are looking for in our participants are:

  • Motivated
  • Disciplined
  • Children / youth oriented
  • Eager to learn & experience other cultures.
  • Open to share and learn.
  • Self secure and capable of leading group dynamics.
  • Responsible and aware of safety.
  • Interested in spending time in the wilderness, in contact with nature and without access to screens.
  • Enthusiastic and willing to sing, play, run, swim, scream, and play goofy roles.
  • Placement Guarantee – After a successful interview, your file is delivered to the camp directors of your perefrence / skills matching camps. You get a Placement confirmation once a Camp Director decides to take you on board.
  • One week Training
  • Full Room & Board
  •  24hr Emergency Support
  • Assistance to obtain a Social Insurance Number
  • Transportation to your designated camp site
  • Health Insurance that will provide you with medical coverage during 10 weeks.
  • Accomodation at city of arrival
  • Orientation Session upon arrival
  • Processing of Work Permit
  • Canadian Bank Account

Positions Available and their Main roles

Summer Camp Counselor

Supervises every aspect of the camper's daily routines, motivates and encourages campers to enjoy and participate in numerous different camp activities. Provides a safe and fun environment contributing to the creation of an enjoyable atmosphere.

You will:

- Be in charge of a cabin group of 6 - 10 campers.
- Accept guidance and instructions from senior staff.
- Interact with other co-workers to plan, organize and run diverse sports and games.

Program Area Coach

Leads and supervises a program area at camp. Whether it is Climbing and High Ropes, Swimming, Landsports, Creatives and Art, Initiatives, Water Sports, etc. Prepares, debriefs, implements safety measures and runs the camp activities according to different difficulty levels.

You will:

--Ensure camper's safety during their active participation at the Program Area activities
--Ensure that campers gain experiential learning.
-Debrief about the camper's experiences.

Support & Kitchen Staff

Works behind scenes and ensures that all functional and logistic aspects of camp run smoothly. There are different options within this type of placement: Kitchen crew, maintenance staff, build up and take down personel, etc. Definitively a Fun but demanding Job. You can count on coming back home quite fit.

You will:

- Be required to work hard.
- Do a wide variety of different tasks and errands.
- Will put into practice your handy abilities and skills.
-Will work along with senior maintenance staff and under the supervision of the site manager.

Also available during
Spring & Fall:
Outdoor Education Center Specialist.

  • Extend your Canadian Summer Experience by taking part in the Spring season (Late April – Mid June) and/or the Fall season (September-October).
  • It entitles a combination of roles> Camp Counselor & Support Staff.
  • Attending a variety of groups such as: family camps, corporate retreats, school groups, sports teams, etc.
  • The work load is more relaxed, you will enjoy more time off, you will work in smaller groups.
  • You will earn a higher monthly stipend.

Benefits of applying with Camps Canada

in following years
Visits to the
/ month

Different Type of Camps

  • There is a century-long tradition of summer camping in Canada. As remote and traditional as the camping cultures that exist in Russia and the USA.
  • Every single summer camp that we deal with is an active member of their corresponding Provincial Camping Association and in most cases of the Canadian Camping Association too.
  • All camps comply with all standard safety measures and they all provide comfortable lodging premises and top quality equipment and materials.
  • Summer camps vary in terms of size, program focus, capacities, sessions length and the population sector they attend.
  • Most of the campsites also operate as Outdoor Education Centers during the rest of the year.
  • Therefor, there are plenty of options available, and we will surely find the best placement for you according to your profile and interests.

In any case, Mother Nature will be your office for next summer. Work in the Canadian Forests!

Forest, Cabins, Lakes, Canoes, Campfires, Songs and loads of fun entretainment.
Traditional camps that focus on canoe tripping and portaging through provincial parks.
Traditional Camps that have a specilized focus on one main sport or activity, such as: Soccer, Horseback Ridding, Dance, Science, etc.
These are normally Urban camps, meaning they are not based in the wilderness but rather within the city. During the morning they run language courses and the rest of the day they perform summer camp style activities. During the weekends they organize excursions and city tours.
There are regular traditional summer camps that were founded and are run by diverse religion-oriented organizations. They conduct normal camp activities and normally they incorporate few hours per week dedicated to gospel, bible studies or other activities of the same sort.
These camps attend children & youth with many different kinds of discapacities or in a vulnerable situation. Whether it is foster home kids, children with cancer, autistic kids, hadicapped, etc.

Campsites Locations

There are close to a thousand summer campsites Canada-wide. About a third of them are located within the province of Ontario, where there is a strong tradition for university students to Work as role models for children / youth in an outdoor setting during the summer months; many other camps are scattered across the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec, mainly.
Most of the campsites are located in remote areas, deep in the forest. Although most of them have phone lines and internet access, the possibility of spending long hours in front of a screen is limited.

Some Common Questions

Well, because that is what we do: To Offer International Students Work Placements at Camps across Canada. And we have fifteen years of experience doing so. Therefore, by now we have nailed it in figuring out what it takes to match each participant with each camp according to their interests, expectations, nature, programs and orientations.
Because we run the whole enchilada for you: Interviews, Document gathering, Insurance, Bank / taxes, and we even process your work permit without you having to step into any consular office. All for a set amount, with no hidden fees.
Personal, professional, friendly and committed attention from the moment you contact us and until you get back home satisffed after an unforgettable experience in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
Our response times to every of your questions / concerns is, in the worst case scenario, under 48 hrs.
We not only offer summer placements, but we can also help you to extend your stay in canada, by hooking you up with an Outdoor Education centre for the Spring / Fall sessions.
Depends on your interests and abilities, but to mention a few:
volley ballTraditional Sports


dramaDrama & Theatre
Radio Workshop
TentCamping Survival

cyclist-on-bicycle_318-74642Mountain Biking

horsebackHorseback Ridding

Amongst others, such as:
  • Windsurfing
  • Photo & Video Workshops
  • Carpentry
  • Scenic Arts
  • Dancing
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football (American)
  • Football (Soccer)
  • Hockey
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Sailing
  • Fishing
The minimum time availability we require is 8 weeks. Starting on the last week of June, in order to attend the mandatory training session.
It is possible to extend your placement for a total of 10 weeks during the summer time.
Also, we offer placements for the spring and the fall at different Outdoor Education Centres.

There are 2 different options:

  • Working Holiday Visa
  • Temporary Work Permit

In any case, you will not be required to visit any Canadian Consulate. Our central office staff will assist you during the whole process and guide you through the paperwork via email.

Your flight to Canada is not included in the fee. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that your date of arrival and departure are according to the start of the training and the end of your placement.

We will pick you up at the airport and will also drive you to your designated campsite.

The application process requires an investment of US$ 600.
With it, you will be covering:

  • Full Room & Board during the full length of your placement.
  • Transfer to and from the Airport.
  • Medical Insurance.
  • Training.
  • Assistance to obtain a Work Permit .
  • Interview.
  • Administrative Fee.
  • Application Deposit.

Besides the total fee of $600, you should also consider the cost of your round trip flight to Canada and any other personal expenses.

As a Camp Counselor and Program Area Coach you will make at least CAN$ 700/ month.
That is an estimate of minimum CAN$ 1,400 for an 8 week performance.

  • As support staff, you can expect an additional CAN$ 200.
  • If you have a Life Guard certificate, you can expect CAN$ 100 extra.
  • If you perform during the spring and / or Fall sessions, you can expect CAN $200 plus / month.
With the payment of your fee, it is included a Medical insurance that will have you covered for the full length of your placement.
I want to know more about how is it to Work at summer Camps in Canada

Application Process

Although there are many different steps to go through, our expertise and knowledge will allow you to go through it in a very smooth fashion. First of, we need to get to know you as well as possible in order for us to find you the perfect match accordingly to your preferences and profile. So, don´t be shy to let us know everything about your skills, interests, strengths. After that, you can count in our fifteen years of experience and trust we will find you the appropiate placement in a process that will feel like a spring breeze.

This is your first approach to us, so we can help you find a job in Canada for the upcoming summer time. Fill out completely the application form and our selection committee will review it to ensure that your profile matches with the characteristics we are looking for.
If we believe it would be feasible for you to take part in the program, we will invite you for a first interview.
If you get invited for an interview, you will be required to send a US $50 deposit which is deductible from the total fee. In the event that Camps Canada is unable to extend you a placement offer, this deposit will be reimbursed to you.

The interview consists of a 20 minute skype chat. During the interview we will get to know you a bit better and provide you with further details. Also, it will be your opportunity to provide us with information in regards to you top choices and preferences and to ask any questions you might have.
Upon a successful interview, we will send your file to our central office from where it will be distributed to many Camp Directors.
In case you withdraw from the application process, the deposit will NOT be refunded.

After a successfull interview, you will receive a Preliminary Placement Offer Package, in which we include a Welcome Letter, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU ), a suggested packing list and few other detailed information. This means that you have been approved for the program. If you want to accept the Preliminary Placement Offer, you will be required to submit a copy of your passport, a couple of reference letters and also at this point you will need to cover the rest of the fee.
Once you have submitted your documents and fee payment, our central office will contact you for a brief second interview. In this case we will confirm some final details and will proceed to narrow down the options to the ones we know match with your personal interests, objectives and goals. As the summer time approaches we will contact you again to let you know where exactly you have been placed and we will put you in direct contact with the Camp Director and will provide you with all the necessary information concerning that specific camp.
We will continue assisting you throughout the application process, we’ll welcome you in Canada and provide you with training, and transportation to your campsite. We will visit you at some point during your placement just to ensure everyting is going well.
So, you can count with our help and support from the very beginning and until the moment you finish your placement and head back home or rather when you get started with your travel plans across Canada.


  • I had a fantastic time in Canada. I learnt quite a few things, met really awesome people and really got to enjoy the beauty of nature. It was a great pause from the ordinary world routines and I can truly say that despite being long hours and intense work, it did not feel like I was working, but rather getting payed to play around. John Cramer - Scotland
  • The application process was smooth, the training was fun, the senior staff were corteous and knowledgable, and those two months in British Columbia marked one of my favourite summers ever.Maggie Rosenthal - Ireland
  • I liked it a lot. I am from Madrid, which is a big crowded city, and this opportunity to be somewhat isolated, surrounded by trees and water made me feel great. To breathe the clean fresh air while paddling was one of the things I most enjoyed. Also the good friends I met, and with whom I hope we will keep in contact for the years to come.Lorenzo Marsano - Spain
  • For me, the adventure of camping was at the beggining a bit scary, but as soon I stepped out of the plane, I got really confident. My 8 weeks placement was tyring, but very rewarding. The girls in my cabin groups were all adorable.Ana Guanais - Portugal

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