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A way to prevent summer learning loss

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Children and teenagers quite often experience a loss of academic skills and knowledge during the summer vacation. Although the depth of the loss varies across subject matters, social backgrounds and age, it is a proven fact that students’ academic development declines in summertime. Research on the matter shows that students loss an estimate of 1 to 2 month of learning in their summer break. The most affected areas are mathematics and reading. It is indeed a major problem that educators face every fall. Is there any way to tackle this issue? Is it avoidable?      

Luckily for parents, children and teachers alike, there is a fun and enriching experience which might be quite beneficial to prevent summer learning loss: all sorts of speciality camps. Summertime is indeed a time to relax, yet that does not mean it is a time to stop learning. Camps are an indeed an expanded learning environment, where children are engaged experientially. Every previous camper knows firsthand that camp is certainly a place for continual learning. Moreover, research shows that children who attend camps have little or no academic regress at school after the summer break. Why is that? Research consistently proves that positive out-of-school activities can have a deep impact on academic success. Involvement in extracurricular activities is related to a better academic performance (Fredricks and Eccles, 2006). There is no question whatsoever that summer camps are the ideal out-of-school activity. There, children learn new skills, have valuable experiences and grow as individuals.

Therefore, as an educator, I surely recommend summer camps. It not only strengthens children’s social and life skills but also provides them with a set of abilities that may minimize or even prevent summer learning loss.

            Luis Fernando Tenorio

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