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Summer Camps Empower Resilience

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As a mother and a teacher I have always been worried about my child’s proper education. I look for activities that may nurture the traits I consider beneficial for life. Among these desired features, resilience has become my chief focus. Life is quite complex and full of surprises and challenges and I would like my son to be prepared to cope with it. Resilience is the ability to be strong, optimistic, and adaptive when something bad happens. It is the ability to face adversity, to get up again. How to instill that trait in a child? What activities may encourage it?
I have done some research on the matter and found out that summer camps are quite beneficial. The staff of referred me to the article ‘Camps help make children resilient’ by Micheal Ungar, PhD. There I learned how camps can enrich the life of a child. Camps are a perfect blend of conditions that nurture resilience by means of a cumulative experience effect. First of all, children have to make new relationships with other children and young adults. This setting develops the social skills necessary to cope with new situations. Children also develop an identity of a competent and confident human being, someone who has attributes which are appreciated. They instill the spirit of equality as well; they are treated just like kids eager to have fun. Thus children get the feeling that they belong, a sense of being rooted. Finally, by means of sharing with people from different backgrounds, children learn to appreciate better their own culture and those of others.
I have found the perfect way to nurture resilience in my child!

Martha Belic.

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