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The Spiritual Aspect of Camping

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For over a century, summer camps have fulfill the function of a rite of passage into adulthood for children and teens. It is a fact that people who have attended summer camps at an early stage of life have benefited a great deal from this experience. Camping has truly assisted them to become upstanding members of society. People involved in the camp movement proudly acknowledge that one of the chief objectives of summer camps is affecting the inner life of children. As a former camper, I can certainly assert that camping changes lives; it enriches them in so many ways.

Camp is a place of discovery. The development campers get is multifold; it nurtures so many aspects of life. Nevertheless, as far as I am concerned, camp is, above all, the ideal environment where children can establish a spiritual connection with nature, their community, themselves and God. At camp, children are surrounded by a beautiful setting that sparks a true mood of reverence. Forests, lakes, and mountains are indeed a superb context to inspire awe and worship. This scene makes children and youngsters feel grounded in their emotions, and find a connection to a positive and protective energy that they can tap into.

Camp’s mission is not restricted to entertain children, but also to inculcate values and insight. The best camp programs are those that aim at providing an integral education. Good camps bring youngsters into contact with the energy that surrounds them. Campers surely learn so much at summertime. The main discernment they get is latching onto a true connection with themselves, their surrounding and God. Children truly attain a spiritual experience at camp.

Dr. Martin Wolff, PhD

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