Recollections of camp in canada


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I’ve always been a city person. I was born and grew up in a major city. Nevertheless, some of my best memories come from time spent on the countryside. Mainly because of my background, I’ve allways loved outdoor activities. Among my favorite recollections is the time I went to a summer camp near Vancouver. The program I found in seemed quite appealing to me, and I decided to give it a try. What a right decission!

The campsite is located in a wonderful place: a mountain range. We also visited the botanic gardens in Tofino. This allowed me to do a lot of activities I really like. In particular, I loved mountain biking and hiking in a superb setting. I quite enjoyed it. The lake and all the water activities were impressive as well. It definitely fulfilled all my expectations. It was all about adventure and fun, yet it also provided me an unmatched personal experience: learning. Besides being introduced to some of the basic camping techniques, I was nurtured in a fantastic way: I learned from myself. This is a leadership program; it aims at developing the skills necessary to become a role model. I’ve discovered I have the traits of a leader; I am self-demanding, competitive and caring; I take an active role when it comes to team work and I am eager to give a helping hand. It was such a life-affirming experience, indeed; it helped me to re-think the way a see myself and those around me. I’ve never though that fun could be so enriching.

Roberto from Rome.

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