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When I look back at my life, I see a handful of defining moments that shaped who I am. I realize that my current success was built on a strong foundation which was developed early on. Besides the way I was raised by my parents, I can see other factors that contributed a great deal to my inner development. Attending summer camps surely played a critical role in that. Camp had a tremendous influence in my life. It affected me in a positive way that still lasts.

Definitely, camp helped me to figure out who I was. My identity formation was truly influenced by it. At camp I gained a sense of independence and responsibility which informs my character. I also developed there a sense of being in control of myself. I think that my teenage years were so marvelous because of the lessons learned during summertime. I had positive feelings about my place in the world, family, and peer group. Camp taught me to feel good about myself. Camp also encourage me to pursue a wide range of interests and activities, which really helped me to develop a positive risk-taking attitude. I learned to solve problems on my own or seek help. Camp was full of milestone moments which provided me a sense that I can achieve things that seemed difficult at first.

My experience as a camper also prepared me to establish meaningful relations. I learned to rely on good role models, who had a deep and positive influence on me. I established a mentoring relationship with counselors. This helped me later on to look for other roles models such as teachers, coaches, and friends. I think that this attitude surely enhanced my school performance and improved my relationship with my parents and peers. All this lessons had a huge impact on my character.

Jeanette marie Delhomme

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