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Passing on traditions

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From age 10 to 18, I attended camps every summer. I quite enjoyed my time there. I became so fascinated by the camping movement, its traditions and the role it plays in young people’s lives, that my first job was as a counselor. Those times are over, unfortunately; I have plenty of fond memories, nevertheless. I’m certain that a big part of my character was shaped at summer camp.

I am a mother, nowadays. As such, I want my daughter Diana to experience first hand the beauty of camping. I want her to learn about herself and others. I’d like to instill on her a deep love to nature and the traits of a leader. I long for Diana to be confident, resilient and bold. Camp is undoubtedly the place where she could thrive and become the person she can be. I’ve checked up many of the camps available out there. Dear God, there are lots of them! I think it is important to choose carefully the best option, a camp that’s not only fun but also nurturing. I’ve tried to focus on the programs that underscore the educational aspect of a camp. That’s when I found out website.

They offer a wide variety of programs. It might be a traditional camp, an ESL-camping program, a camp with a cultural emphasis or a leadership program. Diana, my husband and I chose the traditional camp; after all it was her first camping experience. She enjoyed it very much; actually, she bloomed there. She returned so assertive, easy-going, and in a buoyant mood. Once at home, she told us that she was eager to return next summer. I am so glad we found asummer activity that suits us in every way.