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In today’s world, raising children is challenging. I have tried hard to instill good habits in my children. Among them is a healthy diet. Bad eating habits are a major problem nowadays. It is quite alarming the percentage of children and teenagers with overweight and obesity. Research has found that summer is the time when children may be less active and more likely to gain weight. Children may be sedentary and have less healthy diets.
My son has expressed a desire to attend summer camp. I am a bit worried about the nutrition at camp. Is it healthy? As a concerned mother, I contacted to make further inquiries. The staff eased my worries. I was told that all the programs offered have a strong commitment to make camp a place that encourages wellness and healthy living. One of the chief goals of camp is developing healthy life-long habits. As a matter of fact, instilling a healthy diet habit has become one of the targets of the camp movement. Camps are a structured opportunity for children to be active; they also encourage healthy eating. All the foods children are served are rigorously selected to achieve a healthy diet that contains an adequate caloric intake. All programs follow thoroughly the recommended dietary and physical guidelines for children. Campers are also encouraged to drink water instead of beverages with added sugar such as fruit juice drinks, soft drinks, and sports drinks. On the other hand, all snacks that children are offered are healthy: fresh fruits, fat-free or low-fat milk, vegetables, lean proteins such as nuts, and whole grain cereals. Finally, special emphasis is laid on educating children at meal times. Staff are trained to teach, excite and entice camper about food in a fun way. Children learn from them to make healthy choices.
I have realized that camps have a role to play in addressing this growing health concern by encouraging young people to move more and eat healthier while at camp. This positive experience may become a life-long habit.

Lesley Beaton

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