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Letter from a former counselor

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Dear John,

It’s been a while since I got your email. Sorry I haven’t answered it. I’ve been quite busy; my new job is quite demanding and I barely have spare time. A few days ago I had to make a risky decision at work and suddenly, out of nowhere, I thought of you and all what your friendship has meant for me.
I’ve remembered when we met at summer camp in Canada. You were so confident and friendly and I was so shy. I fondly recall how supportive you were. Undoubtedly summer camp was a live-changing experience. I’ve met so many people from so many places around the world. I’ve made many everlasting friendships. It was a blast! I had the funniest time of my life. I remember dearly the time when we went kayaking. Do you remember it? I was so afraid at first. The idea of being alone in a kayak and do all the paddling myself seemed terrifying. Yet your words and encouragement helped me so much. I’ve quickly learned that it was just a matter of balance. After a few minutes I was so confident. We paddled all the way to the other shore of the lake with Daniel the counselor. It was indeed the highlight of my summer.
This experience taught me a great deal about myself and the importance of taking risks. Today I am self-confident and I can be bold in my decisions. I guess I never had the time to thank you for talking me into kayaking.

Your friend,

Gus Templeton

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