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Letter from a Camper’s Mother

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Who is the counselor?

When my son Mariano turned 12, he wanted to attend a summer camp abroad. Although I was eager about it, I had a couple of concerns on the matter. Parents are often worried about the idea of leaving a stranger in charge of their children. Rightfully, I wondered who were the young people who would act as his counsellors at the summer camp. What are their skills, traits and overall persona? How my child could benefit from a camping experience?
As a concerned mother I did my research and found out that the counsellor is not just a young person doing a summer job. I learned that a counsellor is some kind of a teacher. The main objective of a summer camp, besides fun and leisure, is to develop skills which will endure for a lifetime. Counsellors are caring leaders who guide and support our children in their daily activities. They promote not just fun but growth. They develop all the abilities I wanted my son to have, such as leadership, team-work, ethics and a sense of duty. Counsellors are role models; they educate our children in an unconventional, and yet effective way. All my worries faded away quite swiftly when I learned that all counsellors are carefully and thoroughly chosen. They all fulfil a set of requirements. In other words, they are the ideal people to handle children and teenagers.
I learned all this facts by means of contacting the staff at Camps Canada. They were eager to answer all my questions and ease my worries. Thus I chose their summer program for my son.

Diana Carlsen.

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