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Letter from camper to counselor

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Dear George:

Camp’s end is near. Tomorrow I’ll go back home, and in a couple of weeks I’ll return to school. I won’t forget this summer, though. It’s been a blast, so fun and magic. I will surely return next year! And that’s mainly because of you, George. You are by far the best camp counselor I’ve ever had. You are the first counselor I could really trust. You took the time to know me, to know what were my concerns and fears. I guess you are one of the few people who has really listened to me, who has cared about me. You always gave me your full attention and really took an interest on what I had to say. I really want to thank you for all the great things I experienced this summer in Montreal. I learned a great deal from you, specially your enthusiasm and energy when it comes to camp activities and traditions. I really admire you passion for camping; I think you love working with kids. You’ve always put kid’s needs first. You are also so patient, so caring, so easy-going. I’ll truly cherish the time you taught me to sail in a kayak. As you remember, I was a bit afraid at first. Yet, you convinced me to try to new things, to overcome my fears. It turned out to be so fun and at the same time so nurturing. I learned then a great deal about myself, about what I can do. I guess I want to let you know how important you’ve been for me. You’ve really made a difference this summer. I´d hope my teachers back at school were more like camp counselors.

Dearly yours,