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Learning to love nature

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Nature has always been one of my greatest passions. I really want to pass on that feeling to my son Robert. I want him to establish an emotional connection toward it, which may lead to developing environmental values. Unfortunately, he is not getting many outdoor experiences. He is more into video games. And he is not alone. For today’s youth, being in front of a TV or computer screen is far more appealing than playing outdoors. This sedentary lifestyle worries me a bit. I am afraid he is missing the physical and spiritual benefits that outdoors activities can offer. I wish that playing in nature was a more familiar experience to him.

I’ve been told that summer camp can help me a great deal to instill on him a feeling of affinity to nature. Traditional Camps are the best source for outdoor learning and experience with the wilderness. Camps surely develop an emotional bond with the natural world. As a matter of fact, one of camp’s main purposes is to promote a positive relationship with nature. Children learn there to develop a feeling of emotional attraction toward it. Being surrounded by a beautiful setting is indeed inspiring. When meaningful activities and experiences happen in such a superb environment, they become lasting attitudes. It might be a hike surrounded by majestic forests or swimming in a dazzling lake. Camp is full of opportunities to create a deep-rooted affinity to nature. Counselors and staff work hard to engage campers with the beauty of the backwoods and inspire their desire for more. This experience could easily become an enduring relationship with the outdoors. Bobby will definitely attend camp next summer. Hopefully he will get there an environmental education which might also help to foster social development.

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