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A leader was born at camp.

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I have always thought of Mariano as a noble, kind-hearted child, who has a lot to offer. He has enjoyed summer camps for a while now; he has always returned happy and with a major development in social skills. Every summer, he is more interpersonally competent, empathetic and has a deeper sense of responsibility and integrity. Therefore, I think my money has been well spent. I know that camp has made a deep impact on my child’s life. I’ve seen it year after year. Camp has been a great environment to develop his character.

I have always thought that leaders are not born, they are raised. Bearing this in mind, I was looking for a summer program that could instill leadership skills on my son. That is when a found out about Vancouver Leadership camp. We jointly decided to try it last summer. What a right decision! In a beautiful setting, surrounded by awesome mountains and lakes, he had the ultimate experience. He had lots of fun while learning that he already possesses some traits that could evolve in the qualities of a leader, such as integrity, vision, respect, compassion, character and courage. As far a I was told, all the activities aim at developing those attributes. He also learned the value of teamwork and the utter necessity to guide and being guided.

     He came back a changed young man. He now has a different approach to life. I was delighted to hear that he has been elected vice-president of his class at school. All the assertiveness he learned in Vancouver has translated into a positive influential personality of which I am deeply proud.

Diana Castillo

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