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ESL in the summer

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Dad is always telling me that I should learn English. I’ve been studying in an ESL school for the past two years. I do acknowledge that it is important to know that language in today’s world. But when my parents told me that they wanted me to take an ESL course in the summer, I wasn’t quite thrilled about it. After all, summer, I thought, was all about leisure and fun.

Despite this, I went to Toronto. The idea of traveling to Canada seemed o.k., so I accepted their plans for my summer. Now that I came back, I can’t be more grateful. The program wasn’t what I had in mind. In fact, it was more like a summer camp. It wasn’t all about taking classes but rather living the language. I surely developed my English skills while having the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. All the camp activities were meant to immerse the campers socially and culturally.  We were expected to learn the language to participate in the activities. We learned the speaking and listening skills necessary to interact in the camp. All the lessons were interesting and fun. I really enjoyed the talent show. I like to consider myself a good actor.  Also, it was very cool that all the campers were international students. I met people from all over the world. I became good friends with Min-jun from Korea. So, it was about learning English in a fun way, but also having a cultural exchange.

I think that those two weeks in Toronto improved my English a great deal. Now I am much more confident when I speak and I understand the language far better. All this progress happened while having lots of fun.

                      Gustavo from Monterrey, Mexico.

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