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Enhancing self-esteem at camp

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It is widely believed that camps are good for children. The analysis of the research done on the matter proves that camps provide a set of social skills that may endure for a lifetime. Among them, the development of a solid and real self-esteem stands out. At camp children learn who they really are and what they are capable of achieving.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines self-esteem as “confidence in one’s own worth or abilities”. There is no doubt whatsoever that self-esteem is an essential tool to live life to the fullest. It might allow us to grow beyond what we thought we were capable of. Camp is a perfect means to give children a positive and real self-esteem boost. At camp, children are away from their comfort zone. They are no longer in a bubble, but rather in a challenging environment. There, they can build a positive sense of who they are and what they can become. The most precious lesson children can have is the moment when they learn through experience, when they begin to believe in their own abilities. Camp is full of those moments. It might be learning the skills necessary for a new activity, or creating something beautiful in an arts workshop. These experiences can really be a confidence booster for campers.

Children should develop the drive to do better, to strive for more, and learn the ability to push through and stand up to the tough situations they might face in life. Camp is the ideal place where this social and emotional education takes place. Campers learn to accept who they are and to be the best they can be. This lesson is the road to being happy with oneself and more successful in life.

Dr. Antonio Bassols, PhD.

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