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English courses during summer? Is it a good idea?

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Parents often ask me whether it is convenient for children and youngsters to attend courses of English as a Second Language during summer. The vacation season is a needed recess from school; yet that doesn’t mean that it is a time away from learning. As an educator, I do acknowledge children’s right to leisure on summertime. Luckily there is an alternative for those who want to take part in a ESL program and have lots of fun: English Language Camps in Canada combines recreation with education ina perfect balancing act.

The chief benefit of that kind of summer camp is that children and youngsters are fully immersed in the language and culture of the host country. They are in a totally new place, speaking a different language, making friends who have different backgrounds. That alone broadens their perspective as it increases their linguistic skills. The English courses in those camps are normally intensive; therefore, the lesson cycle is shortened. Thus the student has the unique chance of practicing what he/she has just learned in the classroom on a daily basis. Necessity is the mother of fluency, I always say. Campers are totally compelled to practice their listening and speaking skills in order to participate in camp activities.

Another learning benefit of ESL summer camps is that campers are discouraged to slip back into the safety net of their mother language. They must communicate in English! This is indeed a challenging experience; so rewarding and nurturing. Teachers and counselors alike are caring, engaging and dynamic. They are always willing to take the best out of every camper. All this linguistic growth takes place in a magnificent setting: a camp and all its entertaining activities and traditions. Learning and fun combined is the way to go to make the best out of your summer.

Jordan D. Walker