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TOEFL, that word seemed terrifying to me as non-native-English speaker. Yet, I had to take it. As a finance college student, it has been my dream to go to Wall Street as an intern and learn the skills necessary to become a stockbroker. Although I had studied English at school, I felt something was missing; I wasn’t able to speak as fluently as I wished. I had to do something about it. I definitely had to improve my communication skills.

I decided, then, to try an intensive ESL program in a an English speaking country. I went to Gatineau, in the capital region of Canada. At, I found a program for TOEFL students which suited me quite well. It was not only intensive, but full immersion. That means everything I did was in English. I lived for 3 weeks with a host family whose members were all native speakers. Then, I took intensive English courses at a formal Institute, with professional and caring teachers. As a student, I think this was very convenient. I was exposed to the language as I have never been before. Everyday I had the utter necessity to communicate, to make an effort in order to express myself. Also, my teachers were respectful, yet demanding. They pushed me further and further in order to take the best out of me. It was a marvelous experience indeed. Gatineau is beautiful during summer; I went to the provincial park and fell in love with pink lake. Also, I was located a few steps away from Ottawa, and all it has to offer, such as the National Gallery, the Parliament site, and Ottawa’s downtown.

Regarding the TOEFL, I took it quite confident and got the score I was aiming at.

Francisco Portilla from Paraguay.

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