A different child after a camp experience in Canada

A different child came back!

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Mothers are always concerned about the well-being of their children. As such, I realized that my child was a bit shy and introvert. He struggled to make friends; his character and habits prevented that from happening. I know my son and I am aware that he has a lot to offer; yet his shyness might be an obstacle. I wanted to give him the opportunity to experiment a new environment which could develop his social skills. A summer camp seemed to be the answer.

Based on my own experience as a camper, I know camps are a perfect setting to develop character, make friends and overcome fear. I was aiming at all that. Yet the result has beaten all my expectations. Summer camp has been an amazing gift I have given my child! It has helped enormously to his preparation for life. Camp Muskoka was indeed a confidence booster. I have been told by the staff that at camp Julius was out of his comfort zone; it was a superb break from the ordinary. He made new friends and explored the amazing setting around him. He was in an environment of excitement and optimism, where he gain confidence, independence, and leadership skills. Camps instilled in him a sense that he can do it, achieve personal goals; that mistakes may happen, but it is possible to overcome them, to always try again. Overall, I can say that his camping experience was a training ground for real life. It simulated the real world. He developed a new self-esteem and gained a sense of independence and community. He realized the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and communication.

    This result has shown me that camps build skills necessary to prepare campers to assume roles as successful adults.

Gloria Mahony – Ireland

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