Creativity at Camps in Canada

Creativity at Camp.

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Creativity should become a key aspect in a child’s education. However, formal schooling is rather more about achievement than being creative. There is no doubt that creativity is quite beneficial for life; it is a necessary skill for trouble-solving. It allows us to have different perspectives. Creativity also plays a very important role in bringing out the best self of every person. How can we nurture creativity in an standardized education? Good camps fill that gap.

Creativity is not about being right or wrong. It is a nonlinear path that requires contradictions. It is, according to Scott Barry Kaufman, a process that requires being “messy”. And camps are a great place to get “messy”. Camps are a playful environment, where children are encouraged to try a lot of different things. Attending a summer camp is an experience that might be an excellent opportunity to meditate on oneself. It is a time to explore both externally and internally.

Camps nurture creativity in a variety of ways. Firstly, being surrounded by a a beautiful landscape creates awe in every camper, which is an essential part of a creative process. They also promote physical activity that stimulates children. The combination of physical movement and being surrounded by a beautiful setting, as in a hike in the mountains or swimming in a lake, fosters creativity. Other activities, such as dressing up in costumes, role playing and dancing are excellent opportunities to nurture creativity. They are safe environments where children feel confident to take different roles. Finally, good camps promote creativity by means of arts and crafts workshops where children can actually make something beautiful and valuable for themselves. Therefore, as an educator, I surely encourage children and teenagers to attend summer camps.

Dr. H. Schmidt.

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