Camps Canada – Locations

Camps Canada offers you a wide diversity of programs located in 3 different provinces: British Columbia, Ontario & Quebec. At any location, you will have the opportunity to explore the magnificence of a Canadian city and the beauty of its natural environment. Forests, lakes, and good company are granted at any of our campsites. Take a quick review down below at the many different options, and click on any you want to know more about.


The west coast port of British Columbia, and one of Canada’s most gorgeous cities. A very ethnically diverse city. A vibrant population known for its great natural attractions suchs as the world acclaimed Stanley Park. Also a favourite setting for movie filming, with those snow peaked mountains. Vancouver is like a gigant playground with so many outdoor activities to offer. Vancouver is surrounded by water from three sides and the weather is milder than other regions of Canada, due to the Pacific Ocean currents that keep it mild and damp.

This Summer Camp in Vancouver provides all necessary factors to fulfill the most adventorous spirits. A three week program that will take you from the ocean to the mountain peaks, in a journey full of fun and excitement.


  • ¨I had a fantastic time. Loved the place and the lake activities. Specially rugby and ultimate frisbee and canoeing, and kayaking and climbing. =)¨

    Diego Carreras – Venezuela


toronto language camp

Provincial capital of Ontario. A metropolis which is vibrant for its multicultural atmosphere, the vast entertainment options, its financial strength, and its lake shore alongside Lake Ontario’s. A dynamic city with many impressive skyscrapers and with the CN Tower crowning its skyline. Safe and clean with endless parks, recreational and cultural venues and lots of green space with trails, ideal for both, summer & winter sports.

Learn in English in Toronto has never been so much fun. With a central location, top university premises, and an experienced team of counselors, the summer is all set for you to come to Canada to learn and play.


  • ¨Toronto is a big city and the camp was in the middle of it, so we are in the middle of the action all the time. I liked a lot the different games and also the festivals in the parks.¨

    Cristina Nestacescu – Romania

  • “The camp was ok. It was hard in english at first, but at the end i was more confident. I enjoyed the trip to Niagara. Also, I met really cool people I will certainly miss.”

    Penelope Malakis – Greece

  • ¨I had a great time. My cousin and I traveled together and spend three weeks and we got to explore museums and parks in Toronto. My cousin has already sigened up.¨

    Nando Juárez – Guanajuato, Mexico

English Language Camp in Toronto


Canada’s capital city. It is located in the province of Ontario bordering the province of Quebec by the Ottawa river. Ottawa is the fourth-largest urban area in the country and it is ranked sixth in the world in terms of its quality of life standards. It offers beautiful architecture in its Parliament Building and other Victorian era buildings. Many worth-while museums and the famously National Gallery are all within walking distance. As well as the UNESCO world hertage Rideau Canal; filled with boats during summer and packed with ice-skaters in winter.

An old time favourite English Language Camp in Ottawa that combines perfectly the language courses with recreational activities and weekend excursions.


  • “My son and I are really happy that we got to find the parent & child camp program. We were looking exactly for that. It allowed us to travel, spend time together.”

    Petra Hausstein – Bulgaria

  • ¨I want to congratulate the organization of camp. All plans ran smoothly and the staff they were on top of everything at all times. Really good entretainmet. Congrats!¨

    Sandra Amezcalis – Cyprus

  • “The central location of the camp at the universities premises. Situated ideally in the heart of the city, with easy access to all interesting points in town.”

    Ommar Mahmoud father of Emir- Egypt

English Language Camp in Ottawa


Muskoka is a region recognized by National Geographic Traveler magazine as a top Canadian destination choice. Also, its been named one of the twenty best Must-see places in the globe. But above all, it also ranks as one of the one hundred places that can change your child’s life.” No picture can fully capt the splendor of a campsite in the Muskokas. It offers an abundance of things to see and do. Hiking across the forest along colourful trails, star gazing nights relaxing in front of a bonfire, to swim in crystal waters, get to admire from close different species of wildlife, photograph stunning sunset vistas. All is possible in Muskoka.

When it comes to Traditional Canadian Camps, Muskoka is a privileged area, as it is home to many of the best summer camps for kids in Canada.


  • ¨My daughter left and came back a totally different person. At first she was quite aprehensive about the idea of spending two weeks away from home.”

    Nora Berasategu, mother of Julieta – Santander, Spain

  • “My friend recommended this camp so much. You can not know how much fun it is, until you spend your time surrounded by such a great social atmosphere.”

    Lucas Villaseñor, Leadership Program. – Calí, Colombia

  • ¨My favourite part of Canada is the green landscapes and everything smells so fresh and the sun light reflecting in the water. A great experience in Canada.¨

    Clara Tornells – Barcelona, Spain

  • ¨It was the third time I go to Camp in Canada. The first time was to Toronto and then Vancouver. This time at Muskoka, I found something different and really special.¨

    Julian Guerra – Guadalajara, Mexico


Montreal summe rcamp

Montreal is the largest city in the province of Quebec. It was founded on an island in the Saint Lawrence River at the foot of the hill with the same name: Mount Royal. This up-beat urban center has a wide diversity of lively neighborhoods, from avant-garde galleries, to world-class restaurants, plenty of parks and public spaces. A city with nearly 2 million inhabitantswho are very friendly. English and French are both well spoken. During winter it offers a great array of winter sports. No doubt, Montreal is year-round tourist attraction and a winter wonderland during the cold season.

Looking for a fun, entretaining, international and well reputed summer camp in Montreal? Look no further! Here there is option to study english or french in a fun way, practice lots of sports, take part in artistic workshops, and explore Montreal and its surroundings.


  • ¨A perfect choice. My daughter loves modern art dance, my son loves soccer and my youngest is into learning french. We found all at one same camp.¨

    Silvana Arismendi, mother of Lara, Tom & Marion – Lugano, Switzerland

  • “The kids liked it. We travelled around Montreal and Quebec city while the kids enjoyed all the different games, excursions and of course camping.”

    Igor Petrovich, father of Sasha – Saint Petersbourg, Russia

  • “For all that matters, going to camp is something that the world needs more of. I truly believe that camps like this can certainly positive impact anyone.”

    Mateo de Sousa – Bahia, Brasil

  • “Me and my friend from school decided to go together. We met other girls from different countries and made new friends, but she and I we remain best friends at school.”

    Fatima Guatavita – Rio do Janeiro

  • “I met wonderful people and had so much fun. The many activities at night were my favourite. I became good friends with my counselor and hopefully I’ll see her again.”

    Lila McCarthy – USA


The city of Gatineau is located at the very edge of the province, as it is across the bridge from the Capital city, Ottawa. Together, this twin cities conform Canada’s Capital region. This relatively small yet very cosmopolitan city invites you to enjoy wonderful attractions in a spectacular natural setting. Gatineau is Quebec’s fourth largest city and the town that portrays the name of one of the most emblematic provintial parks: Le Parc de la Gatineau.

Whether you are looking for a Preparation course before presenting a TOEFL exam, or you want to improve your communication skills in English or French, this full immersion University English Course in Canada is ideal for you.


  • ¨I truly feel I got prepared for my TOEFL examination for next month. The teachers were professional and friendly. Hopefully I will score high. Wish me luck!¨

    Paco Sabik Elizondo – Veracruz, Mexico

  • “The classes are well organized, the feeling at university during summer time is quite relaxed and so are the professors. My host family was nice and kind, and also very patient.¨

    Joanna Granados – Costa Rica

  • “It was a good mix of people, and the extra curricular activities were interesting and entretaining. Gatineau-Ottawa is a friendly region which I really got to enjoy.”

    Bruno Amonino – Brindisi, Italy.

  • “The three weeks went by so fast. I am afraid that is what happens when you are having fun. We explored Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and Niagara.”

    Nina Burgos – Segovia, Spain