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When my parents told me that they wanted me to take an ESL course during summer, I wasn’t thrilled about it at all. I had other plans for the summer. I was told that it wasn’t going to be a school-like, regular course. They pointed out that it was a summer camp with English classes. After hearing this, I accepted their offer. I had attended camp in my country a couple of times before and I really enjoyed it. But for this time, things were going to be a bit different. It was going to be in another country, Mom and Dad were traveling with me and they were going to take part in the activities.

I was shocked at first. This camp wasn’t log cabins surrounded by forests and lakes. It was located in the University of Ottawa campus. But that didn’t make any difference. The atmosphere was always camp-like. I enjoyed the same activities and traditions I had experienced before at camp. The English classes were awesome. I never felt that I was in a language school. All teachers were very innovative and laid-back. I had a great time and improved my English a lot. In the camp activities, I was able to practice what I had learned in the classroom. All campers were from many countries across the world, so the only language in which we all could communicate was English.

My mom and dad were in Ottawa visiting the attractions of the city, and during the weekends they participated in the camp esxcursion to Niagara & Toronto. I think we connected in a new and deeper way. I never thought mom could be so funny. I also learned that dad is actually a very cool guy, and easy-going. It was great to share with them in a different environment.

Gianpaolo Morabito from Italy

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