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The one place where you can get access to a wide variety of summer camp options and other Educational – Recreational programs throughout the year, across Canada. In any of our affiliated camps you will encounter a Canadian-style welcoming smile, and loads of great adventures. Surrounded by the beauties of the Canadian landscape, you can find amazing programs under an international atmosphere, as there are campers coming from all corners of the globe. So, if you are between 10 & 18 years old looking for a great adventure during this summer, take a look at the variety of programs we can connect you with, whether a Traditional Camp, a Leadership Camp, or a Language Camp. Which city suits you best? Vancouver? Montreal? Ottawa? Toronto? Go ahead and find your prefered Summer Camps across Canada.

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Summer Camps offer the possibility to children / youth to develop so many different skills in a wide array of educational areas. From sports and all gross motor skills, to nature appreciation to social skills, universal values etc. A summer camp is a great setting to transmit educational content to children / youth, as they are in a context which is out of their comfort zone. This fact creates a wide opening in the individual perception, that allows an easy learning process.

Summer Camps are inclusive, and they offer a wide variety of activities and dynamics in many different program areas, that basically there is a place for all kinds of tastes and personalities. From adventure sports, to arts & crafts, music, drama, aquatic sports, or even science based projects. The content of all programs at camp are always with an educational content, under a recreational format.

All summer camps are identified with core values such as: tolerance, respect, frienship, collaboration, dialogue for problem solving, team work, and community building.

Summer Camps across Canada


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Gold Rush Mining towns
400+Km of Yukon River

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Type of Camps

Leadership & Tripping CAMPS

The classic recreational camp, pure Canadian style. Sunny days, lakes and an endless number of games, sports and activities. All of these activities along with a 2 – 6 night Canoe trip through one of the many Canadian Provincial parks, hiking, portaging between lakes and fostering team building, leadership and other soft skill development techniques.


These camps offer the best of two programs: English or French lessons combined with summer camp style activities. During the mornings, campers focus on their language skills improvement, while in the afternoons they get to practice the language through games and dynamics. Urban fun combined with camp games and activities. A fun and safe environment to play and discover.


The classic recreational camp, pure Canadian style. During a few days the campers embark to a Provincial Park where they will paddle their way from point A to point B, sleeping, cooking, and transporting their canoes, from lake to lake. An unforgettable experience that builds up character and creates tight friendship relationships.