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A camp Counselor in the Labour world.

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The end of my junior year in college is near. The real world awaits. This situation has made me think about my future career. It is time to get some work experience on my field of studies. I am applying for an internship for next summer. However, I was insecure on the matter. After all, my work experience is restricted to summer camp counseling. Therefore, I went to see my college career counselor for advice.

It turns out that in the professional market, my summertime experience is well appreciated. Counseling has provided me with several traits that employers are looking for in an employee. As a matter of fact, camp counseling fosters many professional skills. Counselors are above all responsible people; we have the ultimate responsibility: children’s lives. We are also role models and, as such, we are accustomed to work with people and to promote team work. We are always taking the initiative in camp activities. Thus, we are leaders that instill a sense of cooperation. On the other hand, camps are full of little conflicts that we as counselors must deal with. This fosters our skills as problem solvers. Counseling nurtures as well some traits required on the professional world, such as dedication, patience, consistency and loyalty.

With this insight, I feel much more secure to write a resume and cover letters. It is a matter of translating my counseling experience to the real world. My leadership and team work skills are the foundation of a work ethic based on productivity and caring about the general operation of an organization. My trouble-solving skills show my flexibility and efficiency in times of distress.

My counseling experience was not only fun but also nurturing. It has given me an edge on the labor market!

Gerorge Palermo – Canada

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