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My application and interview went quite well. I have been offered a placement as a camp counselor. I am thrilled about the idea of going back to camp. Some of my fondest memories as a child come from the time I have spent at summer camp. Yet I am a bit nervous. This will be the first time I will be in charge of children. I really want to be the best counselor I can be. I want to make a positive impact on campers’ lives.

Luckily for me I have a lot of role models for my summer job: all the great counselors I had. One of the greatest benefits of camp is converting activities into life lessons. I think that is what a great counselor does. When I have this in mind, I cannot help remembering John, my counselor at the camp I attended in Muskoka. The first recollection I have of him is his utter and effective ability to connect with campers and help them learn. He was indeed a great communicator; he made sure to build a meaningful connection with campers by means of listening. He definitely strove to establish a personal relationship with each of us. He was also an excellent teacher. He was aware that each camper processed information differently, that each camper had a unique learning style. This made him quite flexible; he constantly adapted to our needs. Finally, he was always very energetic and enthusiastic. His attitude surely enhanced my experience as a camper.

I think that a good counselor is always willing to bring something special to camp. Someone who has the intention to create inspirational memories. That is the kind of counselor I want to be; just like John.

Rodrigo Cuevas

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