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An Everlasting Bond

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Several years have passed since the last time I attended summer camp. Nevertheless, my memories of Muskoka Camp are still vivid. I really enjoyed my summers there. My camping experience surely provided me with plenty of life lessons that endure. Whenever I look back at my times at Muskoka, I can’t help but remember Miriam and Sarah. Our relationship has had a deep impact in my life. I think that our friendship was the main reason I returned to camp every summer.

I still remember the first time I went to camp. I was so shy and frightened about the idea of spending two weeks away from home. Miriam and Sarah surely made me feel quite comfortable. These girls definitely provided me with invaluable support and a deep sense of belonging. Camp helped me to get to know other children who were different from me. Miriam and Sarah were the first Jewish girls I had ever met. Befriending someone with another background was indeed an extraordinary experience. I think that camp made possible our friendship. We are so different! If we’d met at school, we would never have been friends. That’s the magic of camp. At Muskoka we were away from the social structures of school and home life. This context enabled me be to discover who I truly was. Therefore, the basis of our relationship was authenticity. We had many adventures together; our shared experiences forged an everlasting bond.

Our lives have taken different directions; yet we are still very close. We have been there for each other since then. That’s what true friendship is all about. That’s the kind of relationships that only camp can provide.

Joanna Busquets

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