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Positive 1st week – Letter to worrisome parents

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Dear Amy and Joe:

The end of camp’s first week is upon us. Daniel is going quite well; he has made a lot of progress. This week has been a time for adjusting and growing. He has gained a lot of self-esteem in a few days. Your initial worries about him being homesick proved to be wrong. That does not mean that he does not miss you. Here at camp we firmly believe that the best remedy for homesickness is keeping campers quite busy. Daniel has applied himself very much on all activities. He has participated enthusiastically in every one of them!

I am very pleased to inform you that Daniel has shown a set of traits which we counselors really appreciate. In spite of some initial fear, he has been eager to participate in new activities. He has been so diligent and courageous. This has build up his self-assurance a lot. In particular, he has enjoyed archery very much. As a matter of fact, he has a lot of skills for field sports. He even helped another camper who was struggling with the activity to hold the bow correctly. This has shown that he is caring, kind-hearted, and sensitive. This kind of action exhibits leadership skills.

His overall performance and attitude at camp have been productive. Daniel is thriving, indeed. He always takes the initiative in most of our activities. He has also demonstrated a desire to make new friends and have lots of fun with them. His camping experience has made him gain a lot of self-confidence. He has learned to be bold and to explore new things. He might need to be more patient, nonetheless. He would benefit from learning to be more even-tempered when things do not go his way. Hopefully, next week we will work on that.

Rodolfo Cavalari

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