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I just came back from camp in Gregory Island. What an experience! The place is awesome, so beautiful and at the same time so mysterious. I really enjoyed all the activities. There were plenty to choose from, so there was something fun going on all the time. Also I’ve met a lot of wonderful people and made some great friends. Among them was Fred, a very cool kid, bold and enthusiastic. He was all into high ropes and climbing and he convinced me to try those activities. It was the first time I would try climbing, so I was a bit afraid about it at first. I felt insecure. Yet Fred told me it was similar to high ropes. I saw him and other kids do it and realized I should give it a shot.

The counselor was very friendly, patient, and caring. He told me everything I should know to climb: how to step, how to use the rope and the harness, how to grip the hold. Slowly, I started my climbing experience. As I kept on climbing I was more secure, ’till finally I reached the summit. What a feeling! I’ve never been so proud in my life. I’ve never faced such a challenge back home. I’ve realized that when I push myself to my limits, the reward is awesome and this adventure taught me that when I challenge myself, I’m capable of doing lots, that I can achieve things that at first seem very difficult. I’ve just realized that Fred might be right and fear is something that can be conquered. I hope to come back again and again.

David 12 years old.

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